First Visit

We are excited to meet with you and answer your questions during your first visit with us. Your initial appointment will consist of a thorough examination and a discussion of potential treatment options. This important 30-minute screening visit will give us valuable insights into you or your child’s orthodontic needs.

There are several questions that all potential orthodontic patients and parents want answers to. During the initial examination for each patient, we will address each question and provide clear and reasonable answers. Ample time is always allowed for questions to be asked.


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First Examination Questions

While we can often answer these general questions about what treatment is needed during the initial examination, specific questions will need to be answered after careful analysis of diagnostic records. We feel it is important to take the time to analyze each patient’s specific needs and feel that this in-depth planning leads to superior results and higher patient satisfaction.

Our goal is that our patients leave the office with a clear understanding of their specific needs, what the treatment will consist of, how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Dr. Swatman will certainly inform you if treatment is not indicated or if it would be more beneficial to wait until a later time. (For example; waiting for all permanent teeth to erupt if jaw growth or width of palate is within normal limits.


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